by Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill

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"The Layman's Gospel Harmony is a unique gift to biblical scholarship! God's truth shines forth in power."
-- Bob Beasley, author of 101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures

"The author has compiled this volume of the four gospels with detailed charts and information which shows the historical accuracy and beautiful interweavings. Delve into this fascinating and scholarly work."

-- Kristin Haggerty, Bay Books Reviews

"The subtitle of this book, Mining the Infinite Riches of Christ and the Gospels, is apt. On every page there are precious new insights, new questions worth further investigation, and potential new relationships to consider between well-known texts. Sherrill's spadework quickly opens up the mine, and the mind!
-- Pastor Richard H. Thompson

"Very impressive . . . a well-recommended resource for Bible students and collectors."

-- Bible Review Journal

"Sherrill has given himself devotionally to this project because of his passion to inspire gospel literacy. He has done the hard work of discerning the historical details so that the Gospels are much easier to access in both content and structure."
-- Pastor Steven B. Miller

About the Book:

Written for everyday Christians and the spiritually curious, The Layman’s Gospel Harmony updates the ancient gospel harmony tradition with the best of modern scholarship related to the historical Jesus. It’s engaging format reveals the fascinating “super narrative” harmony of the four gospel accounts, allowing readers to experience gospel events as they never have before.

Part one of the book presents the Gospels in an easy to read format that respects the sanctity of the canonized texts. The classic King James translation is enhanced with informative, unobtrusive margin notes and time markers. Part two of the book explores the fascinating chronological aspects of Gospel events and their relationship to the "Sacred Time" of the Jewish worship cycle of holy Feasts.

Filled with maps, information charts, an interactive index, an innovative chronological time line concept, and much more, The Layman’s Gospel Harmony devotionally explores and ultimately confirms the traditional Christian church's historic interpretation of Jesus the Christ in a startlingly original way.

The book’s unique graphic format is the companion study guide text to The Layman's Gospel Harmony Chart (see the website page "The Chart"). Used together, the two products produce a dynamic, interactive learning environment for church small group classes and individuals seeking dialogue on, and a deeper understanding of, Christ’s teachings and the Gospels.

From the Book:

"The Seven Most Important Things the Layman's Gospel Harmony Reveals about the Gospels:"

1. The Gospels are proven to be faith-affirming, reliable historical accounts.

2. Mark's Gospel was written first, preserves the chief Apostle Peter's authoritative testimony, and served as the narrative temple upon which Matthew and Luke penned their expanded gospels.

3. The plausible historic order of events of Christ's life and ministry is revealed.

4. The church tradition of Christ's December 25 birth is affirmed.

5. The plausible 3.5 year historic time line of Christ's ministry is confirmed by reasserting the classical Christian interpretations of two key prophetic texts in Daniel which foretell the Advent of the Jewish Christ and the length of his messianic witness.

6. Christ's execution is shown to be ordered solely by High Priest Caiaphas of the Temple elite, leaving the Jewish people and culture innocent of Christ's death.

7. Events of the Passion Week reveal that Christ and the embryonic church viewed women as equal, co-laborers in ministry, proving that early Christianity was the most pro-women religious institution in human history.

The Layman’s Gospel Harmony
Mining the Infinite Riches of Christ and the Gospels

by Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill

ISBN: 978-0-9857662-0-7
6” X 9”, 448 PAGES

All research, writing, graphic design, and book design of
The Layman's Gospel Harmony were completed by
 author Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill as a devotional act.

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