The Layman's Gospel Harmony

Period 5 -- Beyond Galilee
About Six Months, Spring to Fall, 29 AD
From the Suppression of Christ's Great Galilean Ministry Near
Passover to Just Before the Feast of Tabernacles and Comprising
Two Significant Journeys Through Mixed Jewish/Gentile Regions

As reported by:

Mark 7:24 - 10:1(a)
Matthew 15:21 - 19:1(a)
Luke 9:18-62
John 7:1-10

6,193 KJV Words

The following graphic visualization summarizes The Layman's Gospel Harmony's detailed research of a little understood or appreciated period of Christ's ministry, Period 5 -- Beyond Galilee. This research includes an original conclusion, based in the latest analysis of Josephus' "War of the Jews," which identifies the lost harbor of "Dalmanutha" (Mark 8:10) / "Magadan" (Matthew 15:39) with the correctly relocated community and harbor of Taricheae decimated by the Roman army in approximately 68 AD: