The Layman's Gospel Harmony

Period 6 -- The Second Witness to Judea

About Three Months, October - December, 29 AD
From the Holy Feast of Tabernacles
in October to the National
Independence Feast of Hanukkah (Dedication) in December

As reported by:

Luke 10:1 - 14:24
John 7:11 - 10:39

8,947 KJV Words

Following the chronological clues from the gospel accounts of the Period 5 -- Beyond Galilee phase defined in The Layman's Gospel Harmony, John's Gospel frames the next approximate three months by reporting on Christ's two provocative visits to the Temple during the holy Feast of Tabernacles and the national independence feast of Hanukkah (Dedication). Harmonization of the texts reveals that Luke provides an extraordinary account of Christ's teachings in Judea between the two feast periods reported by John -- the first of two striking historical synergies which occur between Luke's and John's Gospels in recounting the last six months of Christ's ministry.

Seen in its proper historical context through the harmonization and calendar research method of The Layman's Gospel Harmony, the three month long Period 6 phase of Christ's ministry leaps forth dramatically from the pages of Luke and John as a intense period of stunning messianic teaching during a courageous outreach across all of Judea just months before Christ's final Passover and his Passion. Never before has Gospel chronology research revealed the historic plausibility of this startling three month period as it is recounted in The Layman's Gospel Harmony.

It is during this Period 6 phase that Christ commissions 70 disciples to canvas the entire region of Judea with his message -- 70 courageous followers of Christ who, though unnamed, surely faced the crushing pressure of declaring Jesus the Messiah in the most theologically resistant region of Judea. The intensity of the pressure those unnamed exemplars of faith faced certainly equaled the pressure faced by Christ himself, whose bold declarations and acts forced him to escape death by stoning at the Temple during both feast visits as reported by John. Nevertheless, as the Gospels go on to reveal, great crowds of everyday Jews in Judea are drawn to Jesus and his message. Thus the pressure on, and threat to, the small clique of the Temple power elite loyal to High Priest Caiaphas mounts to unprecedented levels.

In the graphic display below of the Jewish calendar cycle, the reports of Christ's second witness to Judea is indicated by the red zone in the fall sector of the sacred ellipse. As the calendar shows, Christ's fourth and final Passover of 30 AD is a little over three months away. The following Period 7 will report the powerful, emphatic teaching actions of Christ during that remaining three months as his Passion looms ever closer.