The Layman's Gospel Harmony

Period 2 -- Beginnings
About Six Months, Fall to Spring, 26-27 AD
From Christ's Baptism to His First Brief Repose in Capernaum

As reported by:

Mark 1:1-13
Matthew 3:1 - 4:11
Luke 3:1 - 4:13
John 1:19 - 2:12

2,680 KJV Words

With the Period 1 -- Origins birth narrative account of 16 Harmony Scenes established, Period 2 -- Beginnings, recounts the first six months of Christ's ministry from about the time of the Jewish new year in the fall of 26 AD to just before his first ministerial Passover in the spring of 27 AD. The Harmony report of this period is comprised of nine Harmony Scenes totaling 2,680 Gospel words. All four gospel writers report.

Period 2 begins with the three reports of the synoptic writers (Mark, Matthew, and Luke) recounting the ascent of John the Baptist and his ministry of baptismal repentance as the foretold "forerunner" of the Christ. Reported also are, of course, Jesus' baptism by John at John's Bethabara site on the Jordan river, and of Jesus immediately embarking on his 40-day wilderness test.

The Gospel of John immediately picks up the narrative as Jesus returns to John the Baptist's Bethabara baptismal site upon completing his 40-day wilderness test. What follows, when analyzed carefully for chronological and geographic clues embedded in John's text, is John's report of Christ's first week of ministry, which ends with his first miracle, at Cana of Galilee, where he turns water into wine at a wedding celebration. Afterwards, Jesus does not resume life in his home town of Nazareth. The reason for this will become clear later in the Harmony time line. Instead, according to John 2:12, Jesus settles in Capernaum at the Sea of Galilee with his mother, his "brethren," and his disciples.

If the Christ's ministry is really 3.5 years in length and commencing shortly after the Jewish new year in the fall of 26 AD per Daniel's prophetic visions, and if the Cana miracle occurs at the end of the first week of Christ's ministry after the wilderness test reported by the three synoptic writers, then the single verse of John 2:12 summarizes about four months of Christ's messianic witness before his first ministerial Passover in 27 AD. One can only speculate on the profound contemplation Jesus immersed himself in for that period beside the beautiful lake shore. This idyllic setting, 700 feet below sea level, will later become the home base of Jesus' ministry outreach.

But before his paradigm shifting ministerial witness can occur in Galilee, Jesus must first announce himself as the Christ to the Jewish religious establishment of Judea, at the Temple. This is the subject of the next phase of Christ's ministry, Period 3 -- The First Witness to Judea.