The Layman's Gospel Harmony Chart

Above: The Laymans' Gospel Harmony Chart in schematic form.

Below: The Layman's Gospel Harmony Chart in a small group chapel space:

The Layman’s Gospel Harmony Chart - The Definitive Harmonized Gospel Chronology Glorifying Jesus the Christ
by Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill, 144” x 36” (5,184 sq. inch) single piece digital color laminated print
Copyright © Move Mountain Press, LLC

The Layman’s Gospel Harmony Chart is the first ever fully visualized gospel harmony graphically displaying the complete, authoritative texts of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in a single printed image. It was created over a five year research and development period using graphic software and printing technologies which did not exist until the late twentieth century.

The Chart is both a completely original work of typographic art and a visually stunning blueprint proof of the Layman’s Gospel Harmony premise of the Gospels as historically reliable eyewitness accounts. The full color Chart glorifies the Word in an extraordinary, awe-inspiring way and is suitable for display in contemplative, devotional areas in churches, homes, corporate, and educational settings.

Surrounding the texts of the four Gospels are information panels including holy land gospel maps, graphic time lines, text analysis inventories, and related information. The top of the chart displays The Layman’s Gospel Harmony “Harmony Array” in which the 83,898 words and 3,779 verses of the four Gospel accounts (King James text) are harmonized into ten life periods, 40 Gospel acts, 200 Scenes, and 404 distinct verse groups. This harmonized verse sequence resolves all supposed chronological conflicts in the Gospels to present Christ’s birth narrative, his baptism, his 3.5 year ministry, and the Passion Week event sequence in one continuous, integrated historical time line between 7 BC and 30 AD.