The Layman's Gospel Harmony Vision

Nathaniel Sherrill, presenting The Layman’s Gospel Harmony in a small group setting, discusses Christ’s final journey to Jerusalem using a nineteenth century map showing the ancient Roman roads Christ would have walked. Sherrill presents The Layman’s Gospel Harmony and its findings to churches, groups, and other interested parties. He is developing additional Gospel projects through Move Mountain Press, LLC, in southern California. © Move Mountain Press, LLC.

My desire to graphically visualize the Gospels as a single, unified story based on eyewitness testimony and rooted in historic time emerged during a profound spiritual crisis when
my experience within Christian culture seemed to have lost all relevance to Christ.

The departure point of the five year contemplation of the Gospels resulting in The Layman’s Gospel Harmony was the realization that, despite a life time of church teaching, my understanding of the historic reality of Christ and his ministry was totally inadequate.

In surrendering a broken life to the process of rediscovering the historic Gospels’ clear declaration of Jesus the Christ, the son of God, and separating that timeless, divinely inspired truth from the clutter of hearsay, tradition, fringe speculation, and academic orthodoxy was a healing, transforming experience.

Believing that devotional study of the Gospels as accurate historical accounts is the first step offers spiritual transformation for all, I present The Layman’s Gospel Harmony as a guide to a deeper realization of Christ and the Christian path. My life commitment is discipleship of Christ. It is my hope that the intimate encounter with the Gospels offered by this project will strengthen individual seekers and the global Christian community’s witness to the world, inspiring others to seek after Christ.

Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill
Creator and Publisher of The Layman’s Gospel Harmony